Creator of Light

Director Adiamond Lee

Director Adiamond Lee

2021 “Light”  
2020 “Homebound”
2017 “Dark Blue and Moonlight”
2017 ”Stories of the street”
2017 “HIStory-Obsessed”
2014 “Reached an Oral Agreement”

“Even if it's not real, please say you love me.”

Light was sexually abused by his stepfather and has barely known love since childhood. With his mother’s death, his only hope in life was extinguished, and he has been prostituting ever since to make a living. On one fateful night, he meets Shuo after getting badly beaten by a john and left to rot on the streets. The gentle touch of Shuo rekindles the long-lost warmth in Light’s heart. Light is a story told by the whispering shadows and dark-red scars skulking in the dim Keelung alleys. The film was born in world wreaked by a pandemic. My hope is that it would bring a little bit courage to those who take shelter in the dark. May you see that flicking light at the end of the road.