Why create ''Call It What You Want Season 2'' ?

Call It What You Want Season 2

Why create ''Call It What You Want Season 2'' ?

Call It What You Want is the first Thailand-Taiwan BL series, with the cast comprising of Taiwanese as well as Thai actors. As two of the biggests exporters of LGBTQ content in Asia, we aspire to connect the various creative dots in Taiwan and Thailand to usher in a new era of content collaboration between these two countries. In general, GagaOOLala and GOL STUDIOS seek partnerships with global production allies to create LGBT/BL content that can travel and appeal to a global audience.


Call It What You Want

Why Create "Call It What You Want" ?

BL (Boy's Love or Yaoi), TV dramas featuring romantic relationships between men, has become one of the most popular genres to arise from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. The producers of these shows often pluck young, inexperienced actors from obscurity and mold them through rigorous, strict controls to become polished, popular BL idols that fans worldwide adore. But behind the glittering facade, one wonders what sacrifices these young men must endure if and when faced with predatory exploitative producers. Based on a true story, Call It What You Want is a BL drama series that dares to tackle the topics of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the BL industry.