Creator of Fragrance of the First Flower

Fragrance of the First Flower
Director Angel I-Han Teng

Director Angel I-Han Teng

2021 "Fragrance of the First Flower"
2021 "Rose Skirt"
2019 "Love Lies Bleeding"
2018 "Bao Bao" Writer

There are some things in life that, if you don’t mention it or think about it, simply fade into a distant memory. And so, there is a group of people who never get tagged by the public as “queer people”, for they don’t look it and they date and marry people of the opposite sex. They are also people who tend to forget about their own stories. 

“Fragrance of the First Flower” assumes a romantic perspective on post-same-sex marriage Taiwan. Aside from the many gay people who fought to be married, there exists those who once had a chance at romance but surrendered to the lack of prospects. “Can I still love?” “Is it not too late?” When the fading memories of the past revisit us and emotions awaken by a re-encountering, it is almost as if there is an inconspicuous fragrance filling the air. You can’t see it, can’t touch it, but you feel the attraction and the longing to draw closer to each other.

It is a courageous thing to confront one’s feelings and emotions. The theme song sung by Enno Cheng (鄭宜農) allows us to comfortably disclose our emotional receptors. I hope that the story and song of “Fragrance of the First Flower" will bring courage and power to its audience. Give yourself a chance and think about that someone that you didn’t dare to think of.